our camping (glamping) favorites

Camping in our airstream makes me feel like I’m a kid again playing “house”. There is something I love about tinkering, and tidying and decorating and knowing that nothing has to be permanent. It’s all just a temporary little cozy home for a few days that will all get packed away and I can start fresh next trip. Am I weird? Anyway, Ive rounded up a few items that we love for camping (ok, ok its more like glamping) that help make things feel cozy and yet still serve a purpose!

This last camping trip to the beach was kind of a last minute one…My husband had snagged camping at San Elijo a week before which is our favorite state beach because of its location and proximity to Encinitas, Zumbar coffee and VG’s donuts in the mornings (if you know you know). We always try and snag up beach camping whenever we find it because its so rare to be able to reserve these days and the cancellation fee is minimal so if we have to end up having to cancel its no big deal. Anyway, I think this trip was by far our favorite. It was the day after thanksgiving and we were pretty overworked and tired from a few weeks of intense work schedules and we needed some R&R so bad. We almost didn’t go just because even packing for it seemed so undoable haha. But we threw a few things in the car, forgot EVERYTHING and made a stop at Target (on Black Friday) on the way and it actually ended up being such a randomly fun detour. We grabbed some Christmas stuff for the trailer and explored all the food aisles for breakfast and lunch stuff, stocked up on allll the Christmas dvd’s and then headed out for the beach! We spent the next few days surfing, napping, taking walks, watching Christmas movies, sitting by the campfire talking and even turned off our phones for a while because it just felt SO SO nice to all be together.


Ok so here are few explanations on the above items: I just got these new fold up chairs from STOWED and they are offering a coupon for my followers with the code “amber10” if you want to snag some!! Our favorite things by far are these wipeable mats from Gathre that we use for wiping our feet, we use them on the dirty tables at table cloths, we use them on the sand, we use them under our chairs… you get the point, but we use them A LOT. I also have hundreds of Mexican blankets from GunnSwain because I use them for padding on the picnic bench seats, as durable blankets inside the trailer and on the chairs around the campfire etc.

That baby gate!! Man, that was a lifesaver on keeping the babe from running into the street. We park the car parallel to the road and connect the baby gate from the car to the trailer so he can’t get out. It was perfect. Obviously there were still ways he could run into the other campsites etc on one side but my main concern was keeping him away from the road.

Anyway, I hope you liked my camping list, enjoyyyy!!