thanksgiving 2018

Our Thanksgiving morning was pretty relaxing, we woke up slow and made breakfast together just our little family, I had already made the appetizers I was bringing to our Thanksgiving feast so I didn’t have any cooking or baking to do before we headed to my parents house. Before we left we set up the camera in our backyard in front of this amazing bright yellow tree and bribed my kids and our cranky little one year old with lollipops so he wouldn’t cry in all the pictures. It took a fewwwww takes, but we got a few pretty cute pictures that I will cherish forever!

Our kids love their Thanksgiving traditions with their cousins, running around on my parents property: picking pomegranates and apples and climbing the big gum tree and playing in their “secret hideout” that the grown up’s aren't allowed anywhere near. We all gather around the big long table and eat outside with my grandmas and uncles and aunts and cousins and this year it wasn’t 100 degree’s outside so that was a win… it actually felt like Fall! We have been debating hosting Thanksgiving for the first time next year to take some of the cooking/hosting burden off my momma for a change but I’m so nervous to switch things up… not to mention be in charge of cooking the turkey. Stay tuned and send advice! haha!