traveling with kids: tips and product round-ups

We had so many people asking what we pack when we travel with kids, and although it varies with each place we go, I thought I would round up a few things that really do make our lives easier when we travel! None of this is sponsored, they’re just things I love! I’ve also included a few tips that I’ve found helpful while flying etc!

Product Favorites

  1. This stroller is the BEST travel stroller. It folds up so easy and tiny and fits in the overhead bins of the airplane so you can literally use it until boarding! We love how light and compact it is (13 pounds!) while still maneuvering well with the comfort and cush of a luxury stroller. It fits well in the back of any Uber’s or rental cars too!

  2. This pack n play crib by 4moms is the easiest to set up and we always bring it with us to all our hotel rooms and airbnb’s!

  3. This weekender bag is truly my favorite ever. There are so many compartments to keep things organize and it works great as a carry on or as an overnight bag for a quick trip.

  4. I don’t always use a carrier for Crosley on the day to day, but I always bring my ergo carrier just in case especially when flying because I can pop him in and have both my arms to get through the security line and help my other two kids, carry our luggage etc! You can also wear the baby through the metal detector and there aren’t any metal pieces that trigger the alarm like some of the other carriers have. These also come in handy on any hikes, on and off shuttles and in cities etc!

  5. I use this backpack also because again, it has nice compartments and acts as a good spot for all the carry on extras, my laptop, headphones, kids snacks etc!

  6. Whenever I travel, I pack a few of the kids favorite snacks and bars and squeeze pouches etc just in case they don’t love the food wherever we are or we have some time between meals. I use packing cubes in our luggage to help organize their snacks and kids toys, toiletries and supplies!

  7. We bring our folding travel booster seat for Lennix with us also and it fits into crosleys car seat travel bag!

8. The kids each have their own little roller suitcases they bring which helps us offload some of the stuff we have to carry through the airport also. I’ve also seen the little ride on roller suitcases also and we’ve never tried those but I thought I would include them too!

Tips for the flying:

Let kids get involved in the preparations process:

For older kids: Let the kids pick out which games and movies they want you to preload onto your iphone/ipad/computer and get them excited about choosing the snacks they want to pack during the flight. I always go to Target and get a few activities and toys to surprise the kids with on the plane. I’ve found that new toys occupy their attention for longer and get them even more excited to fly.

For babies: If you have assigned seats, than I would definitely recommend trying to board as LATE as you can. I’ve tried both boarding first and last and definitely have found that the least amount of time sitting on that plane the better. Pre-make a bottle or sippy with something they can drink during take off, the sucking motion will help with any inner ear issues. I bring a few organic lollipops for landing and let him suck on those. I try to keep him in the seat as long as possible, but if he’s getting really antsy I’ll lay out a blanket on the floor whenever the seat belt signs go off and let him sit on the floor and play and sometimes I’ll stand and rock him but that can get tricky with having two other kiddos and people always trying to walk by. I also got my 18 month old play-doh to play with which seems like it would be messy but really kept his attention and was great and any mentally stimulating toys. My son is really into opening and closing things so I got him a little truck he could put his baby cars in and that held his attention pretty well.