About Amber 

Amber Thrane is  Co-Owner of Dulcet Creative, a photography and styling company that provides high impact images for brands and creatives. This blog space combines her passion for photography/styling with her love for her family, design, home interiors and entertaining.


BRYAN is a college Communications professor and owner of a sound tech company called Pacific Entertainment. Amber and Bryan were set up on a blind date by Ambers sister in law and they fell in love instantly only to elope in a helicopter to get married on an island just a little over one month after their first date. They found out a few months later that they were expecting a baby girl:  MARLEY who is nine and in third grade. She sings and dances her way through life with her vibrant outgoing personality and is constantly trying to stake her independence from her younger brother: LENNIX who is six and in kindergarten. His sweet nature and goofiness keeps this family constantly laughing and now the Thrane family has a new boss baby in town: CROSLEY who is now 18 months and commands everyones attention with his cute baby giggles and chubby cheeks. 


About the blog

This lifestyle blog was originally created as a place to document the Thrane family's home renovation and now continues to be a place where Amber showcases how she implements design into everyday living: covering topics on home decor, entertaining, travel and diy.